Thursday, November 05, 2009

III. continued: impresario, artists, muses and Montsalvat.

Justus Jorgensen married Lilya Smith in 1924 and they travelled to Europe to further his interests in art. Lily qualified and worked as a doctor and supported her husband.
They returned to Melbourne and Jorgensen taught in his studios and became independent of the painter, Max Meldrum. He usually shunned exhibitions and hype.
Lily bought land at Eltham (1935) and with the assistance of friends and students, husband Jorgensen began the artists' colony of Montsalvat.

(The bush at Eltham was renowned for providing endless painting possibilities; restrained colour and subtle tonal modulations were features in stark contrast to our overexposed landscape.
A recent Tonalism exhibition at Newcastle Regional Gallery gave us examples in the works by Clarice Beckett and others of the illusive and hazy effects from that school.)


Jacob said...

Interesting story! And I love the building!

Chris said...

Hi Julia. Didn't know you were such an art aficionado. Great pictures and story.

I'm loving your snaps of Newcastle street life that appear in the right hand column of your blog. Unfortunately, they seem to disappear fairly quickly from the site. Are they available longer term somewhere?


julia said...

Chris: You are very welcome to any photos. I hear you ask: Is there a flika-like photo site? it's a big ask! I'm not a native web user (like, am having fun with a crashed computer and various remedies but not much is happening..yet)...a shared picasa album is a possibility...or a could take with my site is available via the City Daily Photo web site.