Friday, November 06, 2009

IV. continued. the master, the artists, the muse and Montsalvat.

About the time of the birth of his and Lily's son Max, Jorgensen had begun an affair with one of his followers Helen Skipper. This relationship lasted for the rest of his life, produced two sons, and occasioned some notoriety in surburbia and the press.
Jorgensen gathered around him a group of friends and followers at the artists' colony. He gave them the opportunity to learn to paint and to master the crafts...carpentry, sculpture, metalwork, tiling and slating. He also offered them the chance of a freer, more meaningful life - a measure of heightened self-knowledge and the possibility of happiness, including sexual fulfilment. Australian Dictionary of Bilgraphy

Helen and children lived in one cottage while Jorgensen continued to live down the hill with his wife Lily.
Perhaps people invariably believe that anyone living a different kind of lifestyle must be up to no good. How wrong they were! We were a most moral and responsible lot, almost puritancial in fact
. From The Age quoting from My Story by S Skipper.