Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight fever is upon us. The mobile blood bank appears on the scene to seek out generous blood donors. Shoppers and a generous pre-Christmas spirit were exploited here. The blood-mobile could well have camped outside the cinema for the midnight sessions of the Twilight sequel.

The total blood volume of the standardized 70 kg male is about 5.6 litres. Blood group A is most common; group B is further down the list; AB is much less common and group O must be rare.
Donors are screened for various reasons, for example, former residency in England for some months in certain years is a problem due to a disease outbreak there.

 A new situation  means that the New Moon sweethearts are parted and Bella will stay behind to subside into a chronic sulk....and use ...her pronounced gift for slouching and mumbling. Sadly the director hasn't a clue and can make two hours and ten minutes seem like a thousand years were great lines from the reviewer Sandra Hall in The Herald, 18 Nov, 2009.
Truly a must see film.


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Leif Hagen said...

A great cause and very important; I hope they collected a lot of "pints!"