Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chichester State Forest exists for timber production as well as conservation and recreation. As far as I know, trees are planted, grown and cut down again. Selective logging might also be carried out.

Stands of sub-tropical rainforest, thick with vines and tall timbers, are found on the steep sides of the valleys where they slope down to the streams and these stands are often left to grow undisturbed. Any opening up of the canopy or round the edge of the rainforest has its consequences.

Wangat Road begins a round trip which from Dungog and back covers about 90km of cool hilly remote country with a fair share of dust but easy enough for a 2WD in dry weather. A few logging trucks also use the roads and trail bikes could well be there somewhere..

The interior of  Sydney Opera House is of laminated Brush Box timber from the Dungog forests.

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