Friday, October 12, 2007


A bus shelter for a post industrial suburb. These bold and stylish, strong and expensive bus shelters are from the City Council. Oddly it is doubling up as a rail 'station' during track work when buses replace the trains. (In fact, an enormous amount of work is done on the chemin de fer.) The shelters are often vandalised. This one has been done over and the transparency of the glass has been lost.
Public transport deserves support. Use public transport?
'I could do that (Mr Howard)'
Quoting from the
save energy campaign. That's as good as it gets after our failure to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.


Anonymous said...

Our shelters are encased in glass on three sides which helps in winter with blowing snow. I think your shelters are nice and probably just as protective.

Mike said...

It looks very cool there at the moment. It's even warmer here in London, about 19.