Thursday, October 25, 2007


Fiesty Lada 4X4 climbing the sand dunes and special effects at Stockton Beach.
Apparently, west of the wall, the Russian Lada Niva knew no bounds and reached every continent including Antartica.
In the pictured car, constant four wheel drive was ahead of its time and was well designed but fell down somewhat in quality. The company originally 'glasnosted' with Fiat (Italy) in a type of partnership. In some places the cars were referred to as Polski Fiats among other terms.

Lada is the name of a slavic divinity: a goddess of youth, love and beauty. Was Mythology reawakening? Mythology over ideology!
The cars are no longer imported to our shores.


GMG said...

Amazing picture (collage), interesting post, great post!

Steve Buser said...

You certainly packaged a lot into that picture.

--steve buser
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Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Interesting information. I did not know or imagine that Lada has anything to do with divinity. We get Skodas here and due to some phonetic similarity (between lada and skoda) it prompted me to look up wikipedia if it also has a similar connection with mythology as the lada. It doesn't but I learned that Skoda will be returning to Australia after a long absence since 1983.

BTW since you are interested inrecycling, reusing, and the environment, you may find this car interesting if you haven't already seen it. The solar taxi was in India this week.

Regarding your comment about some people saying cameras are for revenue rather than safety, I don't know about that. But I will share an interesting piece of information. In the US some states have only one license plate - the rear one. But the rest of the states need two. However, in California some people remove (or dont affix) the front license plate for cosmetic reasons, especially if they drive expensive sports cars. In the mid-late 90s, the problem of people jumping the red signal was partly handled by these cameras in San Francisco. The fine for jumping a red signal was around $275, plus the traffic school and so on, but the fine for no front license plate was only $25 if they ever got stopped, so people removed the front plates since those were the ones that the camera captured. Once the newspaper reported that the police decided to fine such people at the San Francisco airport. At the airport, traffic moves slowly, and people have to stop to pick up or drop off someone. That is the time the police gave out a lot of tickets to people with no front plates.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Very interesting collage!

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