Saturday, October 13, 2007


Rainbow Warrior and The Endeavour (replica in dry dock) when they visited Newcastle in the past. Both legends. The latter is associated with the colonisation of Australia. A Rainbow Warrior came to grief. I noticed discussion over which team to support in the World Cup and all sorts of obscure things surfaced.


Anonymous said...

The top ship looks like it just returned from a Jolly Roger outing two or three hundred years ago. Wow. Nice photo.

Steve Buser said...

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GMG said...

A visit to your blog is always a great treat: interesting subjects, motivating texts, beautiful pictures…
Rainbow Warrior is definitely linked to the Portuguese photographer Fernando Pereira, who died when the ship was sunk by a second bombing carried out on July 10, 1985 by the French foreign intelligence services, while docked at Auckland.
Have a great weekend

Annie said...

I love these pictures, we definitely don't have anything like this in American Fork, UT... or UTAH at all! Cool pictures.