Saturday, October 06, 2007


Love them or hate them, the Olympics are something out of the ordinary and Sydney 2000 was a good chance (or indeed the only chance) to see the games. Going back to that time the clear sky was azure, and the famous names were on all sides and Cathy Freeman was our star in the 400 metres.
The Tae Kwon Do events were affordable and Lauren Burns was one of the success stories there. Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea and is another aspect of that curious country. Korean communities in Sydney have a visible presence and any number of shops, such as those in Strathfield, specialize in everything Korean. Surely many would agree that their food is unique.


Sally said...

I saw marion Jones at the Sydney Olympics. I want my money back!

Anonymous said...

Marion Jones. I think they all use something to do the unhuman feats.If you think about it, that's why they came up with drug testing in the first catch the people using drugs to win. So the officials know it happens and must hang ribbons around necks with words like...don't come back in four years 'cause we will catch you then.

julia said...

Well said. I'll drink (!) to that.

Sally said...

Very few get caught using the drug tests - most get caught out some other way - like this, or running from officials or with drugs in car etc.

I have no faith at all in the drug tests - the cheats are always one step ahead, and as I said, so few are caught in that net.