Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Basic instinct. Newcastle is on the flight path of the Bogong Moth, soundless, nocturnal, mass migration, they spend summer in the southern alps and winter to our north. The city lights must be irresistible and some lose their way and touch down to be found all around town seeking out a hiding place from the daylight. For other facts and this link describes them well.
The lighting at the Sydney Olympics attracted scores of them and one showed up perched on an opera singer in the closing ceremony.
The media has featured moth tasting because the moths were eaten by humans in early times and they are an important food for several native animals from around the dim crowded southern caves.
The substance, Arsenic, has been found in the moths. Insecticide legacy?
The food chain has significance. We are interdependent.

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It is a pretty moth. I like the color.