Monday, October 15, 2007


White water rafting, logging, swimming and recreation.
My gloom and doom chautauqua is as follows. Pictured is a lovely river valley in Sumatra where dramatic tropical storms thunder and roar. Possibly each night a deluge occurs there. Free, fresh, pure and abundant water falls out of the sky.
Five minutes is all it would take to fill a water tank. (Above-ground swimming pools are an alternative container) Instead, naturally, the locals like to make money from the sale of bottled water. We see a
flow on effect and, environmentally, tourism is very difficult to justify anywhere as it uses up fuel and energy at every turn and leaves empty bottles in its wake.
(PS I like to see a motorcyclist on that suspension bridge, although it is accessed by a set of steps...nevertheless..)

The same for the millions of bloggers who all use up electricity.

Currently the water from the taps in Newcastle is totally drinkable. We have a splendid water dam full capacity near the clean isolated Barrington tops. Costly technology is used to purify the water. We pay water rates. Yet this is not good enough and our society is right into bottle water.

A good health promotion message, doing the rounds, is that water is the drink of choice for children. Childhood obesity and dental problems are preventable.

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Sally said...

I agree - where there's safe water, plastic bottles ar e ablight!
Sorry I haven’t visited as much as I would like lately. I have been hellish busy, not least because I am standing for election as a presidential officer in our teacher union – lots of extra campaigning work, and also trying to keep the home fires burning, and the blog going!

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