Monday, October 08, 2007


Bach and bark at Christ Church Cathedral, yesterday in the evening. A children's choir introduced a holistic perspective with this song..........
We've been living off the land, Shall we return it's grace?
...I know you've seen a change in me
You make it harder to survive.
I can see it in my skies, the soil, the seas.
Will my rivers cease to flow?
How will my flowers grow?
Do not forget how much you needed me...
...If we are all to live forever, we must plan..
From ABC Sing 2007 Natures Lament words and music by Debra Byrne


Lynette said...

What a great thing for a church to do! Thanks for the photo.

Steve Buser said...

I am still left wondering what the dogs are doing in Church.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

julia said...

They did all sorts of dog-like things! Believe it or not, the pets were blessed by the clergy. Reference was made to pets as companions and workers, how they act as an example because they are laid-back and stressfree (not always the case)and their affection is unconditional and our attitude to them would be a reflection of our attitude to other people, to nature and the environment.

julia said...
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oldmanlincoln said...

I have often said if there are no dogs in Heaven then I don't want to go there.