Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's named The Beacon. With sombre skies. Its nautical theme captures the essence of travel and discovery (according to its sign) whilst the masthead, sprocket and sail embody the history and nautical achievements of Newcastle industry. Dedicated Sep 3 1999, commissioned by the Honeysuckle Dev Corp and created by Geoffrey Bartlet. In Hannell Street, with Carrington Bridge in the distance.


lv2scpbk said...

Different people like different art work. I like your cart photo with the ice in it.

Today I've posted different Amish buggy's. Take the 320 question quiz to see how much you know about the Amish.

Nathalie said...

Julia I'm sorry that I missed your frightening post about the fallen tree. We've had a great number of those in my suburb too, but only a few fell on houses and none really badly.

That book I'm reading (or just finished now) is FANTASTIC. Move it right to the top of your list!