Friday, June 29, 2007

1 + 1 = 2.

Andy Pandy and Teddy at the shopping centre. Andy and co live in a picnic basket and are a BBC creation, a nice change from Shrek or Disney.
The red theme is topical because today is Red Nose Day and the local school etc is selling merchandise with profits for medical research into SIDS. So, the mid-winter school holdays begin now. Next, the school has the Basic Skills Test in literacy and numeracy in connection with a National Benchmark regulation.
It is so taken for granted that schools are the best place for primary school children. I have trouble believing in schools in their current form. The tyranny of education is upon us. Could most of it be left until adolescent years?

Andy Irons, Hawaii Surfing Champion, is pictured at the shopping centre looking at Andy Pandy. Billabong sports clothing, a global company has HQ in Queensland. Billabong is a waterhole.

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