Thursday, June 07, 2007


Taking the inventory before the expedition. Have we got everything?
One traveller from Sweden, one from Ireland and another from Texas. Round Australia is in their sights.
They planned to get a new bull bar ( as we say) on the front of the van.
I mentioned how it may not be a good idea to drive at dusk and early evening when the kangaroos are out and about - in country areas. Or sometimes it's cattle on the road.
We have done a lot of driving and have never hit a 'roo, havehad a few close shaves, one recently, strangly, in the middle of the day near the nation's capital, it hopped straight out onto the road (despite the fences)
(In fact, 'roos are a problem around Canberra, at present, where they seek food (grass) because of the drought and are even being culled (amid protests from animal lovers)

Central Queensland, a gun barrel highway?


Anonymous said...

Sorry that the wildlife is a problem. I did enjoy the photos and your narrative. I hope the drought is about over for the wildlife.

Abraham Lincoln
Remember "The World's Ugliest Cat?" He got a haircut!
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Cesare said...

Looking at that road, the desire comes me to cross it with my motorcycle.
Also us, in Italy we often have the problem of the drought. but by now it is a matter that concerns the climatic changes, due to the atmospheric pollution that there and all over the world...

julia said...

cesare- in your dreams, imagination could take your motorcycle to amazing destinations around the world. grazie.