Sunday, June 10, 2007


Did they tempt fate with this sales gimmick? Was it bad karma? A crocodile chasing a car sales man! A flash flood occured and probably ruined all these vehicles in a car sales yard.

Car Yards use advertising so as to sell more cars and this car yard has a crocodile running up a post. At first there was a man at the top of the post but he has fallen down.

Bahasa Indonesia (Thanks to AM&I)
Tempat penjualan mobil menggunakan reklami untuk membantu menjual lebih banyak mobil. Mereka membuat gambaran buaya yang berusaha naik keatas tiang yang dahulunya diatasnya ada seorang laki-laki tetapi sekarang sudah jatuh.


Nathalie said...

Would have loved to see the used car salesman stuck in the croc's jaws... Great sense of humour they have, these guys!

Sally said...

Hope you are managing to dry out there now, Julia. Lovely sunny day in Sydney - would never know it had rained!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photo. Interesting car lot.

julia said...

The sunny day here is a help, thanks, clearing up and shopping is popular where it is found most shopping centres were flooded and damp cars are sunning themselves.