Thursday, June 28, 2007


Stationmistress on the north coast railway line which accesses a string of delightful seaside towns:
Port (Macquarie), Woopi (as it is known), Coffs (Harbour), Nambucca Heads, Byron (Bay) to name a few, then, next, the so so, mad Gold Coast and then Brissie. Part of the journey will be by "Rail Coach" - a bus!

We are told this country has a skills shortage. While I don't know many of the visa requirements, employment is available for temporary residents.
As well, unskilled work on short term work contract is offered. Young tourists have opportunities and I believe their work visas have been extended. Teachers and Nurses are sought after - as everywhere. Our young professionals are recruited for the UK etc, perhaps this adds to an imbalance.


Kalyan said...

Here in India we don't have any stationmistress, only stationmasters...a very well captured shot!

Anonymous said...

Interesting post today.

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