Thursday, June 07, 2007


How much heating and cooling does your home require? Good design comes into this as well as useful information about building materials and home construction.

These small model houses have detailed monitoring done 24/7 and are wired up so as to measure certain variables such as the environmental effects and the insulative properties.
It is only fairly recently that energy efficient housing has become mainstream. The positioning of the house and windows, insulation and wide shady eves are among some of the factors that go with energy efficiency .


alice said...

In France too, these elements begin to be taken into account, more about heating than about cooling. But, even in Brittany where the climate is soft (not too hot, not too cold), year after year, we have more and more very hot days...My house has huge windows and when we'll renovate them, we'll choose these panes which are less sensible to the variations of temperatures. Good day, Julia!

julia said...

News of hot weather is not good. Special glass is a good idea. Naturally, appropriate curtains would make a hugh difference, there's double glazing- I suppose on smaller windows but they say, glass gives no protection from heat or cold and allows warmth to escape.Air-con stresses out our power sytem here.

Kalyan said...

Nice to know about these energy-effecient houses in times when energy resources are really dwindling...well captured shots too!

Pat said...

Very interesting post! We really have to take these things into account. Everything is costing so much.

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