Monday, May 07, 2007

Street Art that Surrounds an Entrance to What's Underneath the Road

Mark Twain visited Hunter Street during his travels. These figures stand almost in the middle of the street in this strange formation at the junction of Hunter and Scott Streets. Aliens guarding a mystery?
It has been said that chained up they represent our convict past or this can be left to our imagination. And going by appearances, has gender deconstruction been at work there?
A photoblogger suggested this topic and his work can be admired at his site aptly named

Biodiversity is crucial. Example, bees are scarce in parts of the USA and are now being imported.


Gerald England said...

wow this is so unusual. I suppose it is some sort of reference to slavery. It looks almost as if they are just guarding a manhole cover.
I notice there is a fifth man on his own -- maybe he represents their master.
this is seriously weird

pusa said...

creepy, please indulge my overactive imagination by saying that it is indeed the underground portal to the alien's world :)

Gavin Hart said...

Wow, Julia! This shot turned out really well; much better than the ones I took and the text of your post is well written. Thanks for the link as well; not necessary but a nice thought. As Gerald says, it is unusual. I got quite a surprise when I came upon them myself. I don't see them as being creepy but certainly there is scope for the imagination. Great work!

Abraham Lincoln said...

It is different. I don't think I have seen anything quite the same before this.

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