Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Foggy Morning

The best warm sunny days in May can occasionally be followed by a foggy day.
About 9am today. Solar light and heat was about to break through.
My relative was flying to Brisbane and the flights had long delays.

Cherish biodiversity


Nathalie said...

Hi Julia,
Interesting, this one. We didn't have an ounce of fog on the Central coast!

Loved your mother's day posts, the hunter and gatherer title I thought was hilarious and really good!

Anonymous said...

I like this photo. I like foggy pictures when I am on the outside looking in. I don't like being inside the fog trying to see out.

Have your ever seen the top of two Hondas?

julia said...

Nathalie, thanks,your sense of humour is a tonic; it was fog yesterday as well; a ten ounce fog at least!
Abraham, yes, would agree, although don't have much fog usually, but dismal weather can be just right.