Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Telstra Child Flight had just carried a patient to John Hunter Hospital this evening. It was busy, another chopper arrived soon after, to touch down on the roof of the car park.

Is MASH the greatest sitcom? It has an enduring worth and reruns can be enjoyed on Prime TV. Klinger in drag was ahead of his time and played by Jamie Farr who is always anxious to return from Korea to Toledo, Ohio.


Karlis of RigaDailyPhotos said...

At first glimpse your photo looked like combined of two. After I read narration I examined the dividing line which is roof as you said :) Looks really tricky!

RamblingRound said...

Good shot of the helicopter. Their use as air ambulances is truly lifesaving. One of my children got airlifted a year ago, and he is doing well now, thanks to Life Flight and the hospital.

Oh, and we watch "MASH" too. Watched it years ago and watch reruns now. One of the best-ever shows on TV.

Anonymous said...

Mash was a favorite program. All the reruns are back too. I used to watch a western called, "Gunsmoke." loved that show.

Helicopters are great and used in this way they are truly life savers.