Friday, May 18, 2007

Obscure Obelisk

Many cities are adorned with an obelisk. Strangly, Egyptology was a strong influence, even so, at least, this obelisk would have had its origins here. Amusingly, from this popular viewpoint, it is partly obscured by a palm tree, taking us back to the Nile. The evening lux touched the edge of the tiers as they took one ever up to the glorious heights! (This photo doesn't do it justice.)

ancient past and with restraint a sustainable future


The Salems said...

Good morning
Ye we've got similar obelisk's in our area..

thank you,
for your visit your interest in us and and your comments,

Sally said...

And I like the stepped pyramid and the Roman style chariots, as well!

Kalyan said...

wonderfully captured shots especially the first one...Well showcased landmark to highlight the past & the future!

julia said...

Folks: Thanks for getting with the sentiments.