Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lost Cities III.

Where Am I? ....... South Korea?....Taiwan? ........Calif?
Sally knew the Nan Tien Temple is not too far away to the south of Sydney built for the Mahayana Buddhist sect: Fo Guang Shan and has a college, temples, oversized images, hotel and conferences. It was quality built not so long ago with wonderful attention to detail and colour and contrasts enormously with the earthy ancient examples of pagoda or temple. The sect is Taiwanese.
BTW Also built in remarkable pagoda style in Taiwan is Taipei 101, the world's tallest building.
Previous post is of The KNIGHTS Rugby League, grounded in Newcastle and winner last Monday night.


Sally said...

Thanks for visiting me on theme day. I have been out of computer contact and unable to comment on others.

Sally said...

PS Berkely, just south of Wollongong!

Anonymous said...

I like your photograph. It is very nice and reminds me so much of the Far East.

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Kate said...

It's a delightful photo: clear details with good composition. Very nice!

anu said...

Hi, nice photo.
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