Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And Horseshoe Beach

May is just the best month
Dogs love to exercise, without their leash, at Horseshoe Beach. They swim and chase after things watched over by their doting owners. The old dog in the foreground is 14 years old and 'fragile'. A few areas of town are designated for dogs where they are allowed to be without their leash.

Anjing senang bergerak bebas tanpa dirantai, berlari-lari di Pantai Horseshoe. Mereka mandi dan suka mengejar-ngejar sesuatu dan selalu diperhatikan oleh pemiliknya yang menyayangi mereka. Ada beberapa tempat di kota dimana anjing diizinkan bergerak bebas dirantai.
Bahasa Indonesia thanks to AM & I


The Salems said...

that looks absolutely wonderful i could just imagine strolling along the beach enjoying the sea,sand and air..
Thanx for your comments on the sunrise, very much appreciated.
there is a daily city photo blog done by Chris Harrison on Newcastle-Upon-Tyne uk if you would like to see more of the town..
have a great evening..

Anonymous said...

I love dogs. We have had dogs for the past 52 years we have been married. Sometimes three or four at one time. Unfortunately, they are all gone. We did have one, "Cuddles" who lived for 23 human years. She was the oldest dog out vet hospital ever had as a patient.

So, loving dogs like I do, I like you photo a lot and the narrative too.

The Salems said...

i forgot to say My town is North Shields, North East UK (9miles East of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) i'll try to post some photos.. thank you for your interest..

lv2scpbk said...

It's nice that they have somewhere to go and run.

RamblingRound said...

Looks like the dogs are enjoying their beach trip!

Martel said...

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