Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stuart Piano

In the Conservatorium Recital Hall, imagine Chopin's preludes cascading from this fine piano which has been handcrafted in Newcastle by Stuart & Sons.
Wayne Stuart, piano maker, believes that if a piano is to remain a vital musical instrument it must continue to evolve and, quoting from his brochure, has introduced means that encourage the strings to vibrate in a more controlled manner for an outstanding dynamic range, longer sustain and greater clarity. An expanded keyboard and additional soft pedal are also surprising features.
The recital by the postgrad from Newcastle Conservatorium had finished on a high note and the piano was closed before I could reach it to take a photo.


Kalyan said...

You could really feel a sound of music in the atmosphere there...wonderfully captured shot:)

Curly said...

I'd love to hear that organ too Julia!

South Shields Daily Photo

The Toronto Team said...

Beautiful posting. This will be of interest to my son, who is a pianist, studying at the Glenn Gould School in Toronto. I think they use mostly Steinways there. My son has been a bit spoiled by that, and now rarely touches our old Yamaha upright, the one he learned on. Oh well, we remember fondly the days of beautiful music.