Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Civic Park and Poetry

Bush Poetry and Folk Music and relaxation under the fig trees in Civic Park were hosted by the City Council , Sausage Sizzle included.

One touching poem told about a favourite horse given-up to the army for the Light Horse Brigade in WW1......BTW One hundred and sixty thousand
Australian Stock Horses went to the Middle East and worked hard there and only one was bought back home.

BTW ...It can be particularly good when the bush poets take-on the avant-garde poets, they are as different as chalk and cheese.


Dsole said...

hm... what is a bush poet? never heard of it!

Kate said...

Different as "chalk and cheese"--what an usual saying. How wonderful to see a good turnout for a poetry fest!

Kate said...

Should be "an unusual saying"--why don't I proofread??!!

julia said...

dsole: Bush Poets do ballads etc about country life and characters or politics or any topic, tragedy or comedy or irony, colloquial, & use rhyme
Chalk and cheese: opposites, could it be a local saying? Maybe.