Monday, April 02, 2007

The Macquarie

The Macquarie Dictionary is a good read......of Australian English, not just a work of reference on the way in which Australians use the English language....but of their contribution to the conversation of humanity...... Recommended.
It's a namesake of Macquarie University, which appears to be a centre for language learning, yet has parted company with the dictionary so as to keep more to its core agenda and teaching, or so the papers say. Another university has adopted the dictionary. Budgeting would be a factor, I imagine.

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Nathalie said...

Now I've really learnt something today. So the dictionary is not produced by Macquarie Uni any more?

When you say it's a matter of budgeting, you're certainly right. It looks like Aussie unis only have cash in sight these days, which is a real worry. But then your government wants it that way, yeah!