Friday, April 13, 2007

Pedagogy On The Beach

How much can a van hold? Thirteen surf boards and then some. School kids do surfing like any other sport so its waiting for the grommets near Nobbys Beach. I hope they discover a long-term fun thing to do and enjoy the exercise.

71 Coal Ships wait off port. Politicans posture about delays and point to the inadequacy of the port while avoiding the major issues surrounding the use of coal and global warming. Even with its so-called deficiencies, the resource is plundered at a rate never before known, yet the rhetoric is to endlessly increase coal loading capacity. There must be a happy medium.

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Sally said...

These learner boards are fantastic. My son learned on one on the south coast...and they seem to mean they can get up and stand from the first lesson. Very stable, work well in the foam and small waves.