Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Not Another Mail Box

Another milk can mail box! Just out of town. Like the post box, the sign is old, we have had eight digit phone numbers for years now.


santy said...

Such an interesting sight. One of the things you'd never find in my neck of the woods :)

Nathalie said...

I have a passion for those bush letterboxes, I've got a full collection of pics of them - never got around to showing one so far. I love yours!

Nathalie said...

Re the tsunami alert, I enjoyed reading about the cargo ships being sent out at sea. I live on the Central coast (as you would have guessed from my many pics of The Entrance and Tuggerah lake) and we see them in front of our beaches too, those ships. Hadn't thought of them being a hazard in case of a tsunami but of course it makes sense... What a mess it must have been!