Saturday, April 07, 2007

Relics or Retro?

This trio was seen at Futuro (no less) Motors, Islington. Memories!
1. Blue, either Austin or Morris, badge engineering, 1100, mid sixties. (Morris merged with the Austin company, in 1951, to form BMC, home of Mini-Minor/ Cooper S.)
2. "Sporty" white, VW Golf convertible or Cabriolet, Mark 1, circa 1980. 1600cc.
3. Green "fun machine" Triumph Vitesse Convertible (Coventry, GB) 6 cylinder, 1596cc, mid sixties.


Gerald England said...

I'm pretty sure the blue car is an Austin rather than a Morris -- the cars were pretty similar though, both makes being owned then by British Leyland.
I had a Morris 1100 circa 1972 and later an Austin 1300. The VW looks very unexciting but Triumph Vitesse is a classic vehicle.

edwin s said...