Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Vintage Cafe.
Remarkable. Prophetic. The Newcastle Herald used to be called .....Newcastle Morning Herald and MINERS' ADVOCATE. The Hunter Valley understands mining and might do a deal with Gina.  Go for broke, what have we got to lose?
Or could a preservation order be applied to a newspaper that dates from the beginnings of a community? In Sydney and/or Newcastle.

What are the chances of keeping enough land free of mineral or gas extraction so as to dedicate it to an array of radio telescopes in Western Australia?  The chances are not good. Perhaps the two will co-exist and fullfill the promise of a role in the biggest radio telescope ever built.
In May it was announced that the telescope will be hosted by South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.  The project will investigate untold mysteries of outer space and will combine the signals received by thousands of small antenna spread over thousnads of kilometres with construction likely to continue till 2025.
Most of the telescopes will be spread over some seven nations in southern Africa.
Land north of Perth WA will also be used but it calls for swift action to grab the land before any miners move in! Then keeping it is another question.

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