Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good news. New bubs are now having a simple test done to screen for heart problems.  Pulse oximetry is quite non invasive and may detect certain, I guess, fairly uncommon but serious problems sooner than before.
Clothing. On baby, a good old Bonds jumpsuit is de rigueur. Did Bonds invent this classic suit in towelling? What about a two piece suit for a six month old baby as in the adult's suit - trousers, coat, shirt and tie in a dark colour?  Surely it would result in a Warwick Davis look (the vertically challenged entertainer). Apart from that, jumpsuits are literally the only babywear found in the shops, admittedly coming in a range of fine styles.

Possibly social media apart, not much conversation is published about gay marriage and the topic of reproduction considering that the family, as an institution, is usually 'put under the microscope'.
Family is an institution that is undergoing change at a rapid rate and in a taken for granted manner while other institutions change at snail's pace or not at all. 

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