Monday, June 11, 2012

Luckily, an appointment at the hospital didn't have to be taken too seriously.  As a cosmic mariner - destination unknown - I arrived on the shuttle (bus) then first it was a dose of XRays in a darkend room where the technicians hid behind a force field, then the final page, from the clinic, buzzed on a device, which lit up just when the last chance for nourishment was at hand indicated by a large digital readout showing my fateful number to get the hot liquid from the hissing expresso machine manned by dazed barister robots.

At least I wouldn't starve on this journey.  The buzzing and flashing lights continued as I hurried past the flying saucers overhead, evaded the satellite admission and made it past the chopper as it took off into space.  Just in time, back to rejoin the endless line of citizens seeking a magic cure.


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