Thursday, June 14, 2012

 In Syria, ancient cedar-trees frame this showfield where Australian Infantry skiers practise winter maneuvres.  Published 1942.
And other work in the Syrian campaign WW2.

In WW2 is found another chain of battles that have a somewhat similar outline to those of the first world war. The allies were wresting Syria from Vichy control, for portions of the French Colonial Empire still held loyalty to the Petain Government in Vichy.
Free French forces and many locals were pro allies.  The legendary Foreign Legion was active.  Signs of German involvement were observed in Syria.
The Steep mountain countryside of Syria and a clever enemy resulted in a very slow and difficult war.
Air Force support was very important, for example, Australians flew rakish Tomahawkes against Glenn-Martin bomers, Dewoitine fighters and Potez 63s.
Damascus surrended.
Vichy representatives took part in a cease fire and ended the campaign.

A look at the chain of events since then indicates that unfortunately Syria has had very unstable forms of government. And once made an agreement with the Soviet. Then others in turn.
2012 brings  civil war.
Ref: Photos and information published by Australian War Memorial Canberra ACT during the war years, 1941 etc.

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