Friday, June 29, 2012

Top: Sunderland (aircraft)  and Lancaster (bomber) squadrons and Australian air crew in the UK in WW2.  The Sunderlands kept the sea-lanes clear.
There is no point in gloryifying war but honour is given to the airmen of WW2  with a new memorial in London's Green Park.  Very elderly Australian vets have joined the British, Canadian and New Zealand Bomber Command for the dedication by the Queen this week.  (No doubt other nationals are involved as well).
 Thousands of Australians are among the 55 000 air crew who lost their terrible dice with death. I presume these figures refer to the European front.
War time publications feature the RAAF in the Middle East and S W Pacific with Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands and S E Asia, example Burma, resources were very stretched yet others went to the UK.   Airmen for the 'Empire' trained in Canada.

RAAF Log etc published by Australian War Memorial, Canberra 1943
Middle East.

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