Thursday, June 21, 2012

Remember summer?
Some say not to live to the West of your workplace because getting to and from work will be right into the glare of the sun. More difficult to do considering our long eastern coast settlements.
Today's the shortest day, sunny, chilly and breezy. Sunny but everything has tilted away from the sun and the shadows are long and tall trees are likely to cast some shade onto the solar panels.
For old fashioned savings consider your power schedule on Smart meters with the supplier or biller TRUenergy trading as EnergyAustralia.

PEAK rates 2pm - 8pm on working days: 40.26 cents /kWh.
SHOULDER rates morning and evening: 7am - 2pm and 8pm - 10pm on Mon - Fri: 14.96 cents.  Also 7am - 10pm on weekends and public holidays also 14.96 cents.
OFF PEAK rates overnights 10pm - 7am: 8.80 cents.  rates include GSTax

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