Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We won't be needing this fully imported fire engine after all!  At this moment it is pouring rain - absolutely bucketing down.  Forgot what rain is.

Doctors have talked about the need for me to have this and that done.  Are they talking through their hat as prime minister Anthony Abbott has recently said about an expert?
Maybe evidenced based medicine is simply not good enough.  What would all those professionals know?
Medical researchers and the body of knowledge represent only one opinion among many others.
I could be like the minister Gregory Hunt and consult Wikipedia - the custodian of real true guidance on medical science.
Despite scholarship and peer review and all the rest of it there is no substitute for common sense and we can pick and choose what to run with.
Medical sceptics, quacks and News Corp columnists are entitled to be heard uncritically in a free society and given equal weight.

All this analogy is rather undermined by the recent Catalyst show (ABC TV) in which questions are raised about Cholesterol levels and accepted approaches. Some of those outside of mainstream have long held disbelief about reduction of cholesterol and see the harmful
ingredients in butter substitutes or margarine spreads as quite a problem.

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