Thursday, October 17, 2013

All day we could smell the bush fires and thick smoke from the fires in the district filled the city air. It is one of those times I am very glad I live in town away from bush fires.
Hottest weather ever has been recorded. Together, nations can change their carbon footprint. We need to be among those who price carbon as the way to back each other up. It is cowardly to refuse carbon pricing or trading or significant actions. Be among the leaders, be part of the push and bring others along. Forget it with a 'Bott government who is merely looking at measures that should be done anyway in the ordinary course of events. That certain measures cost us is the point of it all. why else will anyone change their power consumption? A current advertisement for a solar system talks glowingly of the luxury of using up heaps of power at will. That's a disappointing way of looking at it.

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