Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rural fire fighters and the whole effort is hughly appreciated.
Just imagine how unpopular the following words will go down.  The fires are a media event.  Generally it is inpossible for information and warnings  to be totally up to date contary to the impression we are given. Reports are an approximation.
An emergency warning flashes up on the screen which seems in order but unless you know precisely whats going on, it is a problem and possibly a bit useless in guiding ones actions, if you are to rely on a warning on TV.
Vision of clouds of smoke rising from bushland is all about generalities.
We are told a road is closed, minutes later one might advise someone you know to take an alternative route, half an hour later motorists will phone the radio with a totally different version of events.  Naturally the situation is dynamic but one must keep in mind that even with the best intentions and dedication, media and experts give the impression of immediancy but really there is no minute by minute up to date version of events.
Also it is misleading to repeat old footage of last weeks fires and ruins if it can be confused with current events

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