Sunday, July 01, 2012

Single origin coffee from Sumatra made a very smooth offering at Lotus.  Another time, a run-of-the-mill drink of coffee in Sumatra was served in a glass with the coffee grains in the hot water and a lot of sweetened condensed milk added at additional cost. Brewed coffee of good flavour was served at 'progressive' places on that island - the largest island.
Will the price of coffee go up is what we are expected to ask.  Eureka! Today, carbon pricing began and the federal government has introduced assistance for some people to offset any flow on effects but cost is what it takes to control carbon emissions. Cut back on the Lattes!
May all your days be well air conditioned!

New regulated retail tariffs for electricity are increased. PowerSmart Home with EnergyAustralia have these rates from today 1 July 2012.
Peak 2pm - 8pm on working days including GST 52.547 cents/kWh.
Shoulder 7am - 2pm & 8pm -10pm working weekdays and  7am - 10pm weekends and public holidays. 21.340 cents/kWh.
Off Peak all other times 13.090 cents/kWh.  

Domestic rates for those without a PowerSmart meter also available. All the rates are in The Herald, Saturday.

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