Sunday, July 15, 2012

Institutions of learning have been making the headlines but it's not all bad.  Newcastle choirs were right up there in the silver medal count at the World choir games in Ohio.  Cool.  And a gold medal went to a local choir Hunter Singers, outside of academia.

Reported on the choir blog was this little insight (prior to Ohio) : ...When we eventually performed, we were delighted to be met with all sorts of approval at even the strangness of our songs.  It was nice to have an audience that didn't seem confused and bewildered by the shouts and harmonics, but which took them all in their stride and were delighted...
Whan else can you expect of us ingrates?
With the time difference, it seemed the results were published on the internet before the choirs performed! So to speak.

Institutions are full of power and tendency to become a law unto themselves.  Parliament, for instance.  Mr Abbott please step down, we need a new leader now.

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