Thursday, July 12, 2012

A printed cotton dilly bag from another more indulgent age before the business model took over. The University Union ran a long list of activities on campus before times changed.  We always need to lift our game but is there any need to mirror the industriousness of certain overseas countries.

A path to a profession is made a university degree program so as to reap certain benefits and is then pressured and fast tracked to reach graduation as fast as possible. Certain  insights, aspirations about quality, development of a creative approach and ideas to improve a profession become less likely in a pragmatic atmosphere that fails to promote any depth or to sell the benefits of all that to the students.  Education was a time for gratuitous debate and development.

 Undergraduates adopt old ways by taking up part time work in the profession to either support themselves while on the small student allowance or to give themselves a foot in the door (that might be seen as obligatory) with the result that they are less likely to improve standards and are short of time to capitalise on a university education and defeat a lot of its purpose. They may not yet know how a broad education might better equip them to achieve long term job satisfaction along with good work conditions.
So what, professionals can be recuited from overseas.
Thanks John Howard back when.

Wanted: Alive: A new leader of the opposition. Abbott clones need not apply  

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