Thursday, July 19, 2012

Caught by a Viking these Scottish Kippers are very very tasty after a long absence from the diet for no good reason - well, they are high in salt. 
Foreign companies have taken over our food processing and most things.  Dick Smith, in a small way, takes a stand against the tide.
Will the food companies have to contend with the cost of carbon?  Food prices have upped considerably these last few years as it is.

No more processed foods in this household - that is ninty percent of supermarket items, and a difficult strategy to adopt.  Some say Aldi sells a lot of Australian foods but so do the other stores. We will try and do more shopping at Aldi for a change although I am not mad about their stores. At least the company is not into poker machines.  Do they rip off the farmers?

Hopes are held for a terrific harvest of wheat and other grains to add to reserves and make up for the crop failures because of drought in the northern climes of the world. 

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