Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raj's Fashion.  Raj curry house extended next door and then next door again for groceries and fashion. Indian food never fails to appeal, the saltiness less so.

We all love our favourite foods and this is demonstrated by the items in the alternative shops for those of other heritages.  We use many of the items in common with them and which are found in our supertmarts.  But for that special familiar flavour almost identical foods are imported. The same with highly preserved, salted, canned and pickled foods that are imported and marketed. It seems buyers are not tempted by the adundant fresh produce or probably combine both forms.
One small difference is that corn flour is correctly made from corn while, strangely, we mainly use corn flour made from wheat but am not entirely sure what its made from. I doubt we were into corn in a big way and doubt the British were into corn crops and that must have been an influence.  Who knows?

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