Thursday, May 03, 2012

May is a terrific month. Yesterday, sunshine, waves, a giant white cloud, low tide and sand castles.

Pittsburgh to Oz.blogspot: yes, saw your post about Glenrock (or Yuelarbah Walking Track) and glad you liked the nature reserve,  although several of the photos have suffered a wipe out. As well, the chronicles go far and wide during what must have been an action packed time in this region. Hamilton, northern side, is still going strong, some rebuilding, ubiquitous coffee shop etc - I have occasion to visit the suburb.
My blog trivia can't last forever and trust that you follow other blogs from hereabouts. We move on but the past is simultaneous with the present! Over time, my change from one PC to another meant that bookmarks got overlooked and I lost the reference to Pittsburghto so have just caught up with your snapshot and it serves a purpose, I know an Aussie family expatriated to the UK for several months who publish and I like to see their blog diary.
Everyone knows how the USA is a small place (not) so do look out for the Newcastle University Chamber Choir in NY and at the 7th World Choir Games in Cincinnati!! According to their web page.

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