Sunday, May 06, 2012

Macedonian christenings are celebrated in fine style judging by this peep in on the party.   Congratulations Eva!
The band and the distinctive ethnic music was terrific, tones and rhythms completely haywire.

A lifetime of music is out there, to catch up on, as a long lasting treasure.  A lot to discover after my failing to give much attention to it over time and leaving me completely ill informed, except for classical this and that.

Thank you SBS!  Vintage Sinatra was played on SBS TV1 and old film showed us his artistry, the perfect phrasing and ad lib games, hard to go past the slow reflective numbers although, up tempo, New York ditto was outstanding at an outdoor evening concert in his mature years.
The vintage big bands were something else, beautiful style, quite different before the advent of electric guitars and seventies rhythms.  What's next?

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