Sunday, May 06, 2012

Entrance doors at Saint John's Lambton.
Generally, we look in vain for redundant artistry on the local scene.
Kids matter school?!

Community. Taken in very small doses. Yet have noticed that churches are significant for community and are where you will confront the seven ages of humanity in all its glory and struggle.
All the drama is present.
Youthful energy; marriage; births; extended families in a whirl; illness and recovery, ageing as well as the gradual chilling loss of familiar old faces. And our response. The stuff of our existence and sure to ground you.
Can't really say much about the subject of worship except, surely it is not an act of individualism.
True, few children are church goers. There are other ways.
When church going is found to be redundant, then the role of community in our lives is overlooked.

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Hilda said...

Colorful and pretty door!

Of course, I had to search for KidsMatter. Didn't stay long in their website, but the little I saw looks pretty good.

I think that many of the world's problems, whether as individuals or any size group, can be solved if we thought of everyone as being part of our community. The problem is, most of us are really very tribal still, seeing the "other" as the enemy.