Monday, May 28, 2012

 Hairpin bends.....Zig zag climbs up to a couple of hundred metres above....'falling rocks do not stop' (!)....a  cyclist in red in low gear seen from above...crawling to dizzy heights at Hawkesbury Heights
Why the urgency?  Why the pressure?  Why are our mineral resources needed yesterday?
Mining at breakneck speed is so taken for granted.
Expansion can be rightly constrained by what the work force can manage to do instead of rushing to bring in workers from here there and everywhere and use any darn fool wasteful exploitative extravaganza as a solution to profit making.

GrowthBusters Hooked on Growth is a doco by Dave Gardner....the culture of growth and the myth of prosperity not delivering good and fulfilling lives...can we re-define progress?.he asks and more in interview on ABC Radio National at:

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