Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hand held camera! Universal health cover is an outstanding benefit that requires stupendous government funding and this prosaic shot is of a Medicare office which covers several federal programs: Medicare rebates, Family Assistance, PBS (a terrific scheme that subsidises medications) and Childhood Immunization register. The citizen still pays part of the cost of any medical service.
However, prevention is better than cure but instead we get totally carried away over high-tech medical intervention.

The food Tahini (from sesame seeds processed to varying degrees) is nice and is a fat that is not high in cholesterol and I notice how our Middle East folk must have long known its benefits and like it in their recipes.
Other pastes from nuts like almonds or peanuts and delicious avocados are alternatives to butter and all help lower the saturated fat intake although fat is essential as the main source of some vitamins and things. The margarine spreads with 'natural plant sterols' that lower cholesterol are other means of changing our fat intake.

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Jacob said...

Health care is a problem for sure. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we need a system that works for all...