Friday, June 05, 2009

The Australian Ute. General Motors Holden currently has Australia's best selling cars and remains in business in some degree of independence from the USA, and perhaps our government always supported our car makers.
The Commodore model in the photo has variations on the basic that are all made in this country. One version was exported to the US as a Pontiac but the plug has been pulled on that.

Otherwise, Holden's range of small, medium and large cars and utes are largly derived from overseas probably from Korea and elsewhere.
Strong rivalry traditionally comes from Ford and Toyota was right up there before.

We have only ever owned one Holden, for a while, that we bought off a relative mainly to please them. And, for a while, only one ever Ford, and it was very unwieldy but I'm forgetting the Ford Transit but it was just for a tour.
Below is seen new stock arriving namely a blue Holden Cruze CD, if I'm correct.

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Jacob said...

Look like nice cars...let's hope they can hang on...things aren't going too well here!