Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coolamore Horse Stud. Upper photo.
While I was cruising along, in the early afternoon, on a sunny day, on a country road, past the horse studs, out of Scone, in the Upper Hunter, I noticed a green field where the horses were frisky and a fox was seen running across the field and I watch until it disappeared into the vegetation. What was fox up to? For a citysider it was a rare sighting.
But, I believe the fox is a nuisance and is an unwelcome introduced species. Similar to the troublesome possum in NZ.
My grandmother knew a song:
Oh! the fox he went out one shiny night and prayed for the moon to give him light,
for he had a long way to travel that night, before he returned to his den o,den o, den en o
for he had a long way to travel that night before he returned to his den o....


Petrus said...

Foxes seem to be getting more common here in urban areas - quite a normal sight at night - they will forage in rubbish bins and attack small pets ( usually rabbits ).

It is exciting though if you see one in your garden !

Jacob said...

You can see that little guy quite while when you embiggen the photo...we had a fox in our small condo community in Fort Lauderdale - I'd run into in the evenings usually, when I'd run the garbage out to the bins. But he always kept his distance.